It’s been awhile..

I can’t believe it’s been a year, out! I’ve got lots of things going, and that’s why I haven’t posted any post in here..

I do hope you guys found that the older posts are helpful, and I do hope I could post more photography stuffs in the upcoming days..

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” 🌅🍃

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for the meanwhile, enjoy my photo gallery in here:

Keep shooting! :)

Cliplets – Cinemagraph for PC

So, I was looking for an app that allows me to create Cinemagraphs on PC and while I was searching, I came across this page of Microsoft:

  • Link – Cliplets Project

It is an app created for Desktop users, that allows them to create Cinemagraph easily. I love it!


Microsoft Research Cliplets is an interactive app that gives users the power to create “Cliplets” — a type of imagery that sits between stills and video, including imagery such as video textures and “cinemagraphs”. The app provides a simple, yet expressive way to mix static and dynamic elements from a video clip.


Have fun shooting and be creative =]

A new toy!

After I had sold my 5D and spent almost a year, relying only on the iPhone’s 6 and 5C camera.. I thought of getting a Fujifilm and give it a try!

Can you think of a better combination?
My new toy X-E2 mounted to my lovely Carl Zeiss.

Shot by iPhone 6 - vscocam
Shot by iPhone 6 – vscocam

So, I’ll start using it and testing it.. so far so good, I LOVE IT! Small size, very light and the battery is good too!

test shot; Fujifilm x-e2 using Carl Zeiss 35mm 2.4
test shot; Fujifilm x-e2 using Carl Zeiss 35mm 2.4

So, let’s hope I’d experiement the camera more.. and perhaps, post some useful tips too.

Happy shooting! :)

Day and Night Pictures by Stephen Wilkes

Day and Night in one picture.. Beautiful and I love it.

even though it is an old video, it is always good to share the good things..

Day and Night Pictures by Stephen Wilkes

Happy Shooting! :)

I write and I take photos!